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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tony Sumimoto 7 Day Summary

Here is the Peace Maker rig idea (idea cause the final geo isn't used in the video) for use with the the cowboy outfit.

I plan on rigging the Winchester rifle in the same fashion. Complete by 3/16/11.

This is the T-Pose Animation, fresh out of stepped keys. Some polish & facial animation next. Intentions are to have an outfit of choice appear as he's looking himself over(compositing!).


I have been paying attention to some issues before we run into them, when it comes to making the tutorial videos for ECMWP. Example, programs for on screen key visualizing as well as looking into screen recording software (Camtasia, iShowU HD, etc.) that will best suit our needs. Trying to plan ahead, make it as painless as possible when the time comes. My first choice for skill set is compositing. There's yet to be any opportunities in that area. Looking forward to it!


Josh said...

Lookin pretty cool, Tony! Nice controls you're working on. Couple of thoughts -
1) Think about pulling the gun mechanism animation attributes off of the transform control and putting them on another nurbs device. The reason being is that having everything on one control requires the animator to be in the graph editor or somewhere else to see those "secondary" key frames. It's nice being able to see your keys just in the timeline. It's the same reason I don't like animating hands where every single animation attribute is on one control.

2) When posing Morphy or any character, make sure you pull his shoulders down a little when you come down from the t-pose. He'll look more natural.

Keep up the great work!

David Latour said...

Hey Josh, thanks for the input. Tony set the gun control up this way at my direction, but you bring up some excellent points that I hadn't considered at the time (oops). I have to say the separated key info on the time-line is something that I prefer for animation editing as well.

Tony; how hard would it be to add a second control with just the firing attributes attached? I'm thinking, something that sticks up out of the top of the gun near the hammer for ease of selection. Morphy's shoulder fix controls would be a good example.

Catie VG said...

Hey Tony, I LOVE how the gun controls came out. Very cool! It's exciting to see the props come to life!

tSumimoto said...

David; the extra controller will not be a problem at all. I will make the same changes to the Winchester rifle rig as well.

Its perfect that we address any issues with the rig before I receive the final Peace Maker geo.

Thank you for the feedback!

Ruby said...
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