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Remember when all Morpheus wore was that gray leotard? Let's get him into something a little more comfortable.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ruby Bhattacharya 7 Day Summary

large light

dressing table]
meyerHall Version5 - working on version 6 tighten the set
reference for Knight:

I have been working on Meyer Hall, and populating the scene with artifacts for the stage area where morphy will come out in his various costumes Meyer Hall has a version 6 coming out where i am working on tightening the set following speaking with Dave Latour. I have been collecting reference for various items such as dressing screen, table, chair, lights, and a light rig, Meyer Hall, mirror and wardrobe. I have also started collecting reference for the Knight Character.I have posted works before so please do check out previous postings on other items.

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Catie VG said...

Wow! I love how the dressing table came out. Lots of cool little details. Nice work!