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Remember when all Morpheus wore was that gray leotard? Let's get him into something a little more comfortable.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Catie Vercammen-Grandjean 7 Day Summary

Tasks completed:
*Concepts for Template Suit, Female Casual, Male Formal, Female Formal, WW2 GI.
*Conceptualize exaggeration style for Winchester- basis for universal style.
*Re-conceptualize for Peacemaker based off Winchester chart.
*Concept female template of Morphy.
*Clean up template.

All others can be seen previously posted in this blog, I don't want to take up the whole page with pictures that are already posted.

Future/Present Tasks:
*Finish cleaning up female template
*Finish Police Officer concept
*Concept Jumpsuit
*Start texturing when assets become available.


Joe said...

great job concepting so far catie, all really good concepts, makes modeling very simple

tSumimoto said...

Like always, your concepts are amazing Catie! Direction is easy to follow when you have a good map.

Ruby said...

this out fit is really elegant and fits a whole host of purposes. i really have liked all of your concepts - they fit the purpose of this project exactly. To allow for the models to be made with a clean easy mesh, and your concepts are very easy to read. Good job throughout..