Welcome to the Project

Remember when all Morpheus wore was that gray leotard? Let's get him into something a little more comfortable.

Project Guide

E.C.M.W.P. is a brand with high standards and expectations. This page lists all the parameters we establish with regards to quality, tech, design and style.

The project goals will be to create costumes and props for use with Josh Burton's "Morpheus" Rig, with the following criteria:
  1. Everything is free for use to non-profit ventures including festival films (credit required)
  2. Everything will be 100% student content.
  3. Everything will be built to a consistent and high standard
  4. Costumes and Props will be modular and easily modifiable
  5. Everything will be light and easy to integrate.
  6. Clear documentation and tutorials with everything.
  7. Any non Ex'pression content (if included at all) will be in a "use at own risk" area
Who our clients are:
  1. Ex'pression College, Marketing and Promotion
  2. Ex'pression College, Current and Future students
  3. "Pre-Students" (folks thinking about going to art school)
  4. Students (other colleges and programs)
  5. Industry Professionals
  6. Short Film Makers
Costume and work-flow parameters (image below):
    build parameters

    Our Stylization  conversation - we're definitely leaning toward Clone Wars for texture style, and TF2 for the shapes and forms of props. Also a diagram of how we will set up our prop and costume texture maps and shader qualities.

    style guide, rough

    The Marking for the class will break down like this:

    Each week, the student gets a mark out of 10, based on their 10 min "pitch". At week 7 they get reviewed by their peers and get a mark out of 10. All these data points make 50% of their final mark. At the end of the project the student gets a final review of their entire body of work and that accounts for the other 50% of their final mark within the project.

    marking and the "pitch" process

    This is a first pass at talking about naming conventions of files, geo within scenes, texture files and directory layout. Also a question about how modular we want everything to be - the little doll picture shows what I think will be the "sweet spot" in terms of costume modularity; Hat, Face, Gloves, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Shoes. Props will all be individual. The lower right hand diagram is how the advertisement animation will work. It will be Morphy doing a fashion show in Ex'pression College's Meyer Hall. As always, our clients are at the top of our thoughts.

    naming conventions
    A board showing our first pass at what the website would look like. File hand-off on each costume means that we will have to generate multiple objs: ALL, hat, upper, lower, and one for each prop. Although it adds a bit of complexity to the hand-off process making all the separate files, The modularity will help minimize download sizes. Clicking on the portrait could play an animation of the character's idle
    the website
    blend shapes to be added to Morphy
    a rough outline of our workflow
    sample of current task list for the project members