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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Painting Textures: Guideline Sample

Here are samples of the spats and boots for WW2 Morphy. The way I imagine the textures being painted out (in the most simple and painterly way appropriate for Morphy) involves highlighting raised surfaces and painting darker colors where wrinkles and grooves appear. Places where materials are worn usually have small highlighted scuffs, depending on the kind of material involved. Holes, like for laces, are initially painted dark brown circles with "u" shaped highlights at the bottom of the circle to give depth to the grommets. The universal lighting is from directly above. All edges, mostly overlapping ones, will have a lighter color to signify its raised surface.

Problems to address:
*Laces and buckles are on wrong side of spats
*UVs are temporarily fixed
*N-gons on shirt?

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