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Remember when all Morpheus wore was that gray leotard? Let's get him into something a little more comfortable.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cowboy Outfit Model

Got the cowboy outfit model pretty much ready to go, maybe a bit of topology work needs to be done but I tried to be as economical as I could with the poly-count, which is at 4155 for the entire outfit. I added the mustache just for fun, as I know we will probably not include it with the outfit, and I also added spurs to his boots because I thought it was a good touch

-Joe Oliveira


Catie VG said...

Hey it looks awesome! The only thing I noticed was it almost seemed like there was a pinch in the pants on the outer side of his lower shin, but maybe that's just the camera angle. I think the bandana could use a wrinkle or two around the neck, but otherwise it looks like you did a great job keeping the poly count down while maintaining a good shape! Neat!

David Latour said...

Very nice work on a 1st pass Joe: Bonus cookie points for you. Definitely agree on the wrinkles for the bandanna and maybe some more spans through the legs and arms to account for the muscle blend shapes. Since we have a bit more poly budget to spare (thanks to your efficient building) I'd love to see some rough wrinkles and creases at the backs of the knees, ankles and inside the elbows as well. I'd search some reference for the cuff style of the shirt as well. 1860-80's would be about right. Love the mustache and spurs - great touch. I think the gun and holsters need to be about 20% bigger to match Morphy's over sized head and hands. Relative size of props is a definite topic for discussion in general and something I hadn't thought about until now. Great stuff - makes me giddy with delight to see assets getting generated for the wardrobe.