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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Natalia Falciglia Final Summary

- Organized prop list

- 3 Lighting styles (3-point, Sunlight, Moonlight)

- Costume Test Lighting setup

- Winchester, Cutlass, Ray Gun, Flintlock, Katana: Modeled

- Soldier Costume: Modeled and UV'd

- 3 Female Hairstyles: Modeled and UV'd

- Renaming/Re-organizing Meyer Hall assets

- Lighting Meyer Hall for walk cycle & creating light-linking "readme"

Lighting Setups

Costume Test Lighting


WWII Soldier a.k.a "Ryan"

Female Hairstyles

Meyer Hall Lighting


Catie VG said...

Wonderful! Your lighting is spot-on and your girly hairstyles are adorable. I think the corn rows will be my favorite once the alpha texture is eventually applied! You did really nice work this term!

David Latour said...

Hey Natalia - I can't find the flintlock pistol, do you have a copy of this anywhere?