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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Les Roy - Final Summary

Over the course of the term, I was given the following tasks:

- Distinguish what was what on the stock UV layout for the body mesh
- Texture the Speed Suit
- Texture the Cowboy
- Texture the all 3 Khaki iterations

I UV'ed/RE-UV'ed (and packed) the following assets:

- Speed Suit
- All assets in Khaki (3) costumes
- All assets in Cowboy costume

Everything I've done over the term is in the album (i.e. UVs/Textures):


** Sorry I wasn't able to put up the pictures through Blogger, I was running into a couple problems with the uploader.

Also, the UV pack for the Khaki costumes is NOT the actual pack, it's just for display purposes.

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