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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catie Vercammen-Grandjean Final Summary

Final Tasks: Texture a costume and several props, i.e. Soldier Morphy and Cutlass/Katana/Raygun.
Progress: Partial texturing of Soldier Morphy but incomplete.
Questions/Roadblocks: Became heavily bogged down with problems involving original geometry and several mistranslations from concept to model. There were additional issues involving UVs and exporting from Zbrush. Trying to concept texture design while facing these roadblocks made it a slow process.
Workload: A little on the heavy side, unexpectedly, but that was partially due to the previously stated issues.

Completed This Term:
~On T-shirt image, I concepted the back design which is on the RIGHT. Natalia's original amazing design is on the LEFT which is for the front of the shirt. I turned both front and back designs into Vectors for the printers.
~Cleaned up Morphy template
~Created Female Morphia template
~Casual Female Costume Concept
~Formal Male Costume Concept
~Formal Female Costume Concept
~Template One-piece Suit Concept
~WW2 Costume Concept
~Policeman Costume Concept
~Skater Kid Costume Concept
~Werewolf Costume Concept
~Witch Costume Concept
~Wizard Costume Concept
~Top Hat Concept
~Bowler Hat Concept
~Hard Hat Concept
~Four Formal Female Hat Concepts
~Winchester Exaggeration Concepts
~Exaggerated Peacemaker Concept
~Textured WW2 Shirt
~Textured WW2 Shoes
~Textured WW2 Spats
~Created a Tutorial for importing the Chalk tool in Photoshop (Which was the only brush I used for conceptualizing).

I will not post images of all the concepts, they are on the blog already.

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