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Remember when all Morpheus wore was that gray leotard? Let's get him into something a little more comfortable.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How it Began

A came across Josh Burton's very excellent Morpheus ("Morphy") rig in September of 2010. I was impressed by how elegant and versatile the rig was. I was even more impressed by the remarkable generosity of spirit that Josh possessed; offering this rig free to anyone who wanted to use it.

I recommended "Morphy" to all my animation students as a very robust alternative to the venerable "Norman" rig from 1991. This new rig had far better facial controls, a wider and more articulate range of blend shapes and the ability to be morphed into vastly different body types, both male and female! The only complaint I heard was that the "Morphy" rig had no clothing, dressed only in a dark gray leotard. On Josh's website he said "...See a hole, fill a hole". At that moment, the Ex'pression College Morpheus Wardrobe Project was born.

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