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Remember when all Morpheus wore was that gray leotard? Let's get him into something a little more comfortable.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Pass of Wardrobe List

Shirt/Pants, casualjeans, t-shirt, running shoesalt textures?
Shirt/Pants, dresskhakis, collared shirt, dress shoestie as prop?
Shirt/Pants, younghoodie, jeans, running shoesre-use casual shoes
Shirt/Pants, oldhigh waist, sweater vest,re-use dress shoes
Blouse/Skirthemline above knee, flat shoesalt textures?
Blouse/Skirthigh heels, sleeveless blousehow to deal with heels?
Fancy dressheels, v neckline, low back
Tuxedo/Suitfedora, suitcase, James Bond
Piratetripoint hat, cutlass, flintlock pistolthink Jack Sparrow
Ninjamask, sword, shuriken
SuperheroUtility Belt, Mask (2 variations)no I.P. infringement.
SupervillianRay gun, sci-fi helmetwide open to ideas
Cowboystetson, six-shooter, gun-beltblack/white hat versions?
Soldier, WWIIhelmet, backpack, rifle
Knighthelm, sword, shieldarticulated visor?
Vikinghorned helm, axe
Princesscrown, scepter, ponytail (rigged)how to deal with dress?
Police Officerhat, utility belt, pistol, batonnypd
Biker Gang Thugswitchblade, “hun” style helmet50’s era
Firefighterhat, axefdny
Doctorstethoscope, glasseslab coat scientist
Nurseclipboard, surgical maskscrubs
Farmerbib coveralls, Straw hat
Angelhalo, harp, dove wingsrigging for wings?
Devilhorns, pitchfork, tail (rigged), bat wingsrigging for tail and wings?
Jumpsuit (alt textures)hard hat, tool belt, mechanic, prisoner
Robotsimilar approach as knight
Hazmat suitgeiger counter, tongsheadmask follows chest.
Safari/Explorer Suitpith helmet, machete, pick-axeshorts, short sleeve shirt
Generic Monsterhorns, scales, fangs, barbs, spines, warts?re-use devil tail
Swim trunks, malesunglasses, surf board, beach ballbare chest could be an issue. fitted t-shirt?
Swim suit, femalesunglasses, sun hat2 piece


David Latour said...

Going to have to change the template and background colour. Default post text is black...on a black background. ugh silly Dave

Josh said...

Looks like a great starting list:)

David Latour said...

Thanks Josh - really excited about this idea. I'm trying to line up more folks at the college to get involved, especially modeling talent.